Tracy Anderson’s Go-To Workout for Sculpted Abs in Minutes


No time to work out? It can certainly be challenging to squeeze in a solid hour of exercise into your hectic day. But you still want to your , right? What if we told you there was a way to make your a reality with just a few minutes of dedicated each day?

Watch the video: 

If you focused just a few minutes to every day, you’re sure to in no time at all. To help you achieve your goals, Health’s contributing fitness editor has put together a super-quick (but ridiculously effective) to add to your daily routine. Try these quick exercises to in no time!

Don’t have time to watch the video? Check out the lineup of moves below for a follow-along guide:

Walk around plank and lunge – 30 reps per side

Alternating crab jump hip lift – 30 reps per side

Lunge to down arabesque – 30 reps per leg

Parallel knee pull in side plank – 30 reps per side

Side plank to hydrant arabesque – 30 reps per side


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