6 Total-Body Moves to Get Ready for Summer with Tracy Anderson


Summer has arrived! That means it’s time to bare some skin, soak up a little (while wearing plenty of SPF, of course), and head to the beach. Here at Health, we’re firm believers that every body is a “beach body.” Still, we’re always determined to get and —and with the weather bright and sunny, it’s a great opportunity to get motivated to be even more .

Watch the video: 

To help you become your fittest self this summer, Health’s contributing fitness editor put together a (yet ridiculously effective) sequence that you can do absolutely anywhere, whether at or on the sand. Watch this video as she demonstrates a series of that are aimed to and your body from . During each step of this routine, Anderson combines multiple moves that work together to help you see results faster. So even though this workout takes just a couple minutes to complete, we guarantee you’ll be feeling the burn by the end.

No time to watch the video? Here’s a quick rundown of the workout:

Windmill plank with arabesque – 30 reps per leg

Side kick with arm reach – 30 reps per leg

Rolling plank in to split stretch – 30 reps per side

Leg slide to sous sous plank – reps per leg

Arabesque to hip dip & bridge – 30 reps per side

Crab with side extension – 30 reps per leg


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